Wendy came alone to Wales just over a year ago. She threw herself into her local community and made many friends. Asylum Justice represented her at appeal earlier this year, and we’re overjoyed to say she has been granted refugee status.

She shared with us a bit about what Asylum Justice did and what it meant to her:

“Before I found Asylum Justice – my last lawyer had rejected my case. I was so sure about my case. Thank goodness, Asylum Justice was too.

Asylum Justice took my case and they analysed it. I was amazed by how my lawyer really dedicated his time and effort to understand my case and to gather evidence from my home country.

I’m not sure I would have found another lawyer who understood my case like that. Asylum Justice had the wisdom and the insight to find the truth.

I really think that Asylum Justice work with all their heart and all of their will. They find justice, where justice is perverted.

Oh wow, bless you guys. Thank you, thank you SO MUCH”

Please note we have not used the individual’s real name.