”It is difficult to find the words to explain how much it means to me what Asylum Justice did. When I was told by my previous solicitors that they could not represent me, I was sent to Asylum Justice. I was scared and the preparation was very difficult. But with the help of Ruth and Hussein, I understood what this moment could mean for my life.

I cannot thank Asylum Justice enough, I can now live my life without the worry that I will be sent back to my home country. I am no longer scared. I hope to be able to repay Asylum Justice one day in the future and to share my experiences with people who have gone through what I have.”

Please note we have not used the individual’s real name.

A testimonial from a previous client of Asylum Justice. When he first came to us, he had only recently been dropped by his previous solicitor. His last resort, Asylum Justice prepared and represented him at court. A victim of horrendous torture in his home country, we were able to successfully win the appeal and he was subsequently granted humanitarian protection, valid for 5 years.