Our New Project: Drop-in Diaries

Every week, we have a free drop-in advice surgery, and every week, a small group of lawyers give face-to-face legal advice to many of the most vulnerable migrants and asylum seekers who have no where left to turn. People who are not eligible for legal aid, and who are often left to fend for themselves on the streets.

We give advice to an average of 25 people each week, and because of this, we thought it would be pretty wasteful not to shine a light on some of these stories.

So, in light of this, we have a new project that we are about to get underway: we’re calling it our ‘Drop-in Diaries’.

We will tell you the stories of those who come to our free drop-in advice surgery. This, we hope, will bear out the harsh realities that so many asylum seekers and migrants face everyday.

We will post a selection on our Twitter and Facebook, fully confidential and consensual, and then collate them into a monthly publication on here, our website.