”I am so pleased that Asylum Justice helped me bring my family over from Sudan. I was made to feel very welcome by Asylum Justice and appreciate everything they did for me, I will never forget it.

While I was safely here, my wife was detained with our first child in Sudan. We ended up losing our little girl who died because of illness brought on by the terrible conditions and no medication given to her in detention. My heart and brain were broken. My wife and I were separated for 10 years before I finally got to be reunited with her. I felt so bad that I was here while my wife and child were suffering in Sudan.

What Asylum Justice did for me has made a huge difference in my life. My wife and my family are so thankful, particularly to Ruth for all the work she did. Without her help it would have been impossible for me to bring my family here without the legal representation of Asylum Justice. We can now move forward with our lives.”

Please note we have not used the individual’s real name.

A testimonial from a previous client of Asylum Justice. Family reunion is no longer in the scope of legal aid, therefore if private representation cannot be afforded (as is often the case), it is extremely difficult for refugees to navigate the complex rules of a family reunion application to reunite with their family. Here, Mustafa’s family were detained in awful conditions for years, with his little girl dying and his wife being a victim of modern slavery.

Mustafa and his wife have now welcomed another beautiful child into their family and are able to live a peaceful and happy life together.